Find your perfect place: which job role would be right for you?

Recently Matt and Georgina attended the Manchester Metropolitan University ‘Meet the employers’ event and had the chance to speak to students from a wide range of courses including Business Management, PR and Marketing. The event was set up so students could, quite literally ‘meet the employers’ and gain a real understanding of what opportunities are out there.

We know it can be difficult for students to work out what they want to do after University and that getting your head around the creative industry and where you could fit into it can be baffling. To try and help students get a clearer picture on the different job roles and choose the one right for them, IF created a series of Top Trump Cards which Matt and Georgina chatted through with the students. They were a huge hit and helped them to understand that, regardless of their degree titles, the creative industry could have the perfect job for them.

If you are struggling to understand where you might fit into agency life and which role might be right for you, take a look at our Top Trump Cards and discover where your qualities and skills could be best placed.