Building a distinctive brand for Scapa


Create a new global brand positioning for Scapa Industrial that would allow them to align and bolster their position in the market; acquiring new customers and securing long-term contracts with existing global partners.


Working with the global marketing teams, we conducted a series of internal and external interviews and then hosted a two-day workshop where we challenged senior teams to think bravely about what they wanted Scapa to be famous for.

During the workshop it became clear that a new brand could shift the focus in favour of the customer and their needs, rather than Scapa and what they do. By putting the customers’ needs 1st we cut through the clutter and deliver directly to the benefit for our customers of working with Scapa.


The brand was developed with a new essence at the heart of it–– ‘Making your extraordinary achievable’––customer focused, truthful and brave. Visuals focused on the core Scapa item within the bigger customer picture. So images of end customer products were shown, for example a plane taxiing down a runway with a focus on the one section that contained a Scapa product.


On the back of this planning session, we developed the new brand and guidelines to help deliver across the business through product brochures, case studies, emailers, exhibition stands and a new global website.

The brand is now clearly aligned and is delivered in a consistent manner across the globe in various product verticals.