C&B Festivals


How do you retain appeal to your core, traditional ‘country pub’ guests when to grow your numbers you need to build frequency among a more contemporary audience who are looking for something more interesting? 


Our ‘Modern British Country pubs’ positioning invited us to challenge the traditional ‘specials’ offer and reinvent it as a series of unique festivals.

Whilst the core menu will always satisfy those looking for a classic roast or fish and chips, our foodie audience can look forward to the Born & Bred festivals’ Wild Venison, or a Madras Salad in our Touch of Spice festival.

Interesting but never challenging, the inventive festival menus re-inforce our proposition by allowing us to celebrate our unique character and give our guests a reason to return time and time again. 

0 growth year on year


Across all key measures, the festival strategy is working: sentiment has never been more positive, penetration of festival specials has exceeded target and the brand has grown by over 10% YOY