Destinology – Going Further in the Future


Apart from a quirky name, Destinology was struggling to stand out as competition for the luxury travel market sun-loungers reached a peak.


High net worth customers love the personal service of the traditional luxury travel operators. But they also want the smart, speedy convenience that modern tech brands deliver. Fortunately, Destinology is able to deliver both – so we just had to merge them into a single proposition. And then tell everyone about it.


‘In the world of luxury travel, everyone wants to be one step ahead’. This idea allowed us to align everything from brand identity, communications, app development, recruitment – every touchpoint in the customer experience. Destinology became the luxury travel brand with whom you could literally and emotionally Go Further.


With bookings and enquiries up, aligning every aspect of the brand to the new proposition has brought clarity, consistency and a healthy commercial glow to Destinology.