Keycamp Bigger Smiles


Our challenge was to deliver growth following a number of seasons of sales decline and justify investments to take the business forward.


Research among customers and prospects told us that... Someone always feels like they have compromised on a family holiday.

The campaign was driven by customer attitudes and motivations – leading to 4 headline holiday types and thousands of options sitting below to make sure we got the motivating message through. We gave each family member their own voice, their own moment in the spotlight to articulate what they wanted – from some peace and quiet, to sightseeing, pool time and mountain biking.

We tasked ourselves with communicating that with Keycamp everyone in the family will get the holiday they want.
Using a combination of DRTV and direct mail to Keycamp’s existing customers and prospects, we went in pursuit of volume of enquiries – never expecting bookings at this stage.

0 increase in web traffic 0 increase in bookings


We were blown away by the market beating results... enquiries, brochure requests, web visits, likes.... all off the scale. However we would like to highlight just one:

Bearing in mind our challenge was to prove whether a new approach could deliver growth... At its peak our segment focussed approach resulted in a whopping 90% increase in website traffic, but most importantly a 70% increase in bookings year on year.