Makro 40th Anniversary


To mark Makro’s 40th birthday with a campaign that celebrated 40 years of Makro value in the UK and worked hard to drive footfall and sales throughout the entire year. Budgets were extremely tight, so it was key to generate a big noise at very low cost.


Business customers are savvy and time poor - if the campaign didn’t offer to add value to their bottom line, they wouldn’t be interested. Tricky with a low budget – but we felt low budget didn’t have to mean low cost. Makro’s suppliers have been integral to their 40 years of success, so we explored ways in which key suppliers could profit from the campaign in return for support with funding.

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“Makro Drive Away Giveaway” - a large-scale bold, impactful promotion campaign co-sponsored by big brand suppliers. Giving customers the chance to win a van provided by suppliers every month, with thousands of runners-up vouchers driving customers back into the store. The promotion achieved excellent results with close to 65,000 customers participating, achieving sales uplift of 19% to 26% for sponsor brands, generating £1.85m in sales for Makro and getting recognition from the global parent company Metro. And it cost nothing.