Mothercare wanted to be able to evaluate online marketing activity in a consistent way across multiple channels.  A single view of effectiveness with directly comparable metrics.  Last click attribution is an inadequate measurement method and different systems for each marketing channel make claims for online orders that are inconsistent with each other and lead to double-counting. 


Our critical insights were: identifying the need to emerge from the mass of available data with clear guidelines to interpret, adjust and reconcile results; generating a straightforward way of viewing diminishing returns; generating a simple, easy-to-adopt, view of profitability with input from all the relevant internal departments – all facilitating a more rigorous appraisal of marketing investment decisions.


Mothercare have adopted a common currency reporting tool using comparable metrics across all channels. This has been used to focus attention on budget decisions and to highlight areas for performance improvement. We worked with internal teams to design the layout of the reporting tool and to estimate key models.