Proving what marketing channels are trending for New Look


As the epic retail/high street battle for sales raged, New Look were keen to test an increase in marketing investment, using TV for the first time in many years. In addition, they wanted to evaluate all marketing activity in a consistent, comparable way. Ultimately finding out the true incrementality of activity in each and every channel.


Standard analysis approaches faced a number of limitations - imperfectly designed test and control region groupings which cut across each other as soon as the advertising finished and had different levels of underlying marketing activity. A painstaking data gathering exercise would allow a sophisticated econometric modelling to isolate the impact of each component marketing activity. So that’s what we did.


With margins as short as festival hemlines, we proved a number of vital truths. We demonstrated that TV, even at low budget levels, delivered a detectable effect. We also showed that Out of Home and Digital activity both historically and currently delivered incremental ROI. We were also able to identify the marketing channels with the greatest headroom for profitable additional investment – given the New Look team thorough, objective insight to enable more effective future marketing investment planning.