Who are the Go-to guys and gals for Parcels2Go?


All kinds of people need to send parcels for all kinds of reasons and in all seasons. Parcel2Go wanted to understand who their most valuable customers were and why, whilst also wanting to be able to tailor marketing communications and offers to different groups of customers. Parcel2Go have advanced systems but needed expertise to extract insight from massive data files and to experiment with alternative approaches to segmentation.


Revenue and volume are the pillars of evaluation, but we delivered a breakthrough customer level view of profit. Our approach also assembled a comprehensive dataset covering all the factors that affect customer profitability; tapping into the company’s accumulated knowledge of how customers behave.


The result is a segmentation based on a wealth of customer data about behaviour and profitability. This means that there are clear actions for each group of customers in order to help Parcel2Go maximise long term value e.g. cross-selling extra products to high frequency customers, increasing repeat business from one-time triallists and targeting known value sources of new customers