Everything about us

Our Approach

We’re an independent creative agency with a passion for insight. Our approach starts with a little data science and a lot of collaboration to produce a beautiful, unique brand idea. This core thought has the power to connect everyone and everything; activating and inspiring a community that grows and grows. Whether you require just one service area or a full mix, our experienced team will always focus on delivering a compelling impact that results in an inspirational response for your brand.

Data Analytics

Our starting point is always to make sure we understand your key data challenges. For example, you might be thinking about accurately attributing online sales. Or your focus could be assessing performance and setting targets for marketing channels. You could be looking to establish a more comprehensive and accurate single customer view, or assessing and maximising customer lifetime. Then again, it could simply be a case of improving ROI.

Brand Creation

At the heart of every IF campaign is a killer proposition; a single, campaignable idea that unites all communications. So customers, colleagues and stakeholders have a consistent, objective decision-making lens.

We use an inspiring, highly collaborative process to develop the proposition into the brand’s creative assets; everything from the logo and typography to photography style, tone of voice and design guidelines. And because we think in multi-channel, we can translate the core idea into all sorts of communications, from internal engagement to consumer campaigns in press, print, digital, social or broadcast media.

Campaign Activation

We are experienced campaign planners and project managers which means we are experts at delivering that 30 second spot on Nick Jnr that gets mum to put Knowsley Safari on her hit list of summer destinations. It also means we know about developing the DM pack that introduces MBNA card holders to a new balance transfer offer or the social promotion that launches a new food and drink festival at a Chef & Brewer pub. Of course, being a multi-channel agency, it more often than not means all of these things. And more.

Leadership Team

  • Managing Director Christian James


    A marketing post-graduate, Christian was conceived at JWT, reached puberty at McCanns and became an adult at TBWA. He co-launched IF as an independent creative agency in 2006 ‘to have fun doing great work’. He’s fanatical about propositions, integration and ad jingles from the 80s. Contact Christian for new business enquiries or to hear him sing ‘A finger of fudge’.

  • Creative Director Jo Whiteley


    Jo’s motivated by problem solving, loves a blank canvas and gets carried away with the endless possibilities that every brief holds. She believes brands are an intrinsic part of our daily lives, and creativity is a fantastic opportunity to engage, motivate and entertain.

    After 16 years of agency life, Jo is still relentlessly enthusiastic and can think of nothing she enjoys more than presenting inspiring creative that she truly believes in.

  • Data Science Director Peter Harris


    Peter has 15 years' experience in marketing analytics. As Data Science Director he oversees the agency's work in the areas of insight and data analytics. He has worked for agencies and clients across a broad range of sectors, most recently establishing the econometric modelling and data science functions at Shop Direct. He previously undertook marketing effectiveness analysis, for example providing the econometric analysis for award winning IPA effectiveness case studies.

    If you're looking for enlightenment within the apparently unfathomable depths of data contact

  • Client Services Director Stuart Hornby


    Stuart has 16 years’ experience in marketing communications. As Client Services Director he oversees the management of the account handling team and its strategic offering to clients. He has a broad knowledge base across diverse sectors including automotive, retail, leisure and healthcare and has worked on a pan-European and global level.

    An all-round positive chap, if you’re looking for great work, delivered from solid foundations and endless positivity contact.

  • Chairman Brian Rees


    Brian started in the Agency world in planning and account management before switching to Brand and Marketing roles with Europe’s’ largest food and drink company. Self-employment beckoned with the creation of PDP and an enjoyable 15 years as MD, the Agency growing to become one of the UK’s largest independent SP Agencies before being acquired by IPG. Continuing as CEO of Momentum he enjoyed 4 years working on the McCann World Group Board. In 2004 he opted for a number of NED roles in both the private and public sector. Brian co-launched the IF Agency 10 years ago to re-kindle his passion for promoting and selling Brands.

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