Getting Your Christmas On!

Identifying a point of difference within an fiercely competitive local transport sector was key for defending and growing Arriva’s share of bus passenger numbers in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas is typically a time of extraordinary expense for families and some extra cash in the run up to Christmas is always going to be welcomed with open arms! So for both Arriva’s staff and riders, we believed a simple prize draw seemed the ideal mechanic to motivate staff to engage in the promotion and riders to hop on board with Arriva.

Get Your Christmas On became the brand idea that united our marketing communications both externally and internally. We developed a promotional campaign encouraging people to ride with Arriva in November for the chance to win a £1,000 cheque, whilst also engaging internal staff with great success via an internal prize draw. The use of direct mail, radio and street teams worked to reinforce positive brand appeal and generate great festive energy in the community.

With over 5,000 entries in just three weeks we were extremely pleased with the rider engagement in such a short space of time.