Eggscellent Easter Marketing Campaigns

It’s that time of the year again!

You don’t need to sell chocolate to remind your target audience that the new season has arrived. Remind them that spring is in the air, birds are tweeting, and that summer is just around the corner. That said indulgence and, of course, chocolate will always be synonymous to Easter.

Retailers are focussed on turning Easter into a second Christmas with trees, decorations, cards and crackers all readily available. However increasingly this holiday is seen as a celebration of springtime and people are seeking quality time together making Easter an opportune time for brands to get creative and use the arrival of spring time to reconnect customers with brands.

Easter is a great time to tap right into consumers with almost 70 per cent of UK shoppers expected to spend £1.1 billion this Easter, a rise of 17% from the 2018 research undertaken by Finder UK.

With family a top trending hashtag over the Easter break, it is a holiday that is increasingly about sharing special moments together. With 72% of consumers feeling no pressure to buy Easter gifts, according to a 2018 Mintel Seasonal Shopping report, we are increasingly swapping presents for social experiences. GlobalData analysis has also revealed that a higher proportion of total spend is on leisure activities at Easter than on any other spending occasion during this holiday period.

This makes brand marketing activity at Easter a must rather than nice to have, if you don't get their attention, your competitors will — and that’s a huge opportunity to miss out on.

Easter is still very much about chocolate eggs and bunnies, but consumers increasingly see it as an opportunity for treating themselves, and for spending time with family and friends by sharing great experiences.

Here are some of the creative brand and marketing promotions for IF Agency clients you may see over the holidays.

Now, let’s get the eggs rolling ...