Addressing health inequalities with Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer

As a part of ongoing work with Prevent Breast Cancer to address health inequalities, if Agency have developed a campaign in response to the fact that South Asian Women weren’t responding to NHS letters inviting them for breast cancer screening, increasing the risk of serious problems and ultimately death. We established a consultation group involving NHS and community group leaders which identified that the greatest motivator to change this behaviour would not be to promote the impact of breast cancer on the women themselves, rather to focus on the impact it would have on their families. To celebrate the vital role they play in the family and by doing so, confront them with the devastating effect it would if they were no longer here.

This targeted broadcast campaign (executed in 4 languages) was put on hold due to the pandemic and is about to be launched with more urgency, as recent statistics show that screening take up within seldom heard groups is as low as 30% against a target of 70%.